CVMPF March Meeting

(Left to Right) Colonel Joe Kittinger, CFVMPF Board Member, signing his book, “Come Up and Get Me” for Joe Battle, Associate VA Medical Center Director

 “Come Up and Get Me” is a long-awaited autobiography of Colonel Joe Kittinger written by Joe Kittinger and Craig Ryan with a Foreward by Neil Armstrong.  Joe tells of his many experiences including his being a North Vietnamese prisoner-of-war.  He set several ballooning distance records, including the first solo crossing of the Atlantic in 1984, but his proudest moment remains his free fall from 102,800 feet during which he achieved a speed of 614 miles per hour.  

(Left to Right)  BG Steve Seay. Special Guest at the March CFVMPF Meeting and Jerry Pierce, CFVMPF President

Joe Miller, Photographer

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