The Memorial to the Fallen at the Lake Nona VA Medical Center

 The Case for Permanency

Central Florida has the only Memorial to the Fallen in the United States that is adjacent to a Veterans Hospital. Located at the Lake Nona VA Medical Center, the Memorial was built to honor some 1200 fallen from six Central Florida counties the hospital will serve. It was designed as a place of healing on the lake next to the Chapel at the VA Hospital.

A group of local veterans volunteered their time from 2010 to 2014 to raise the necessary capital dollars to construct the Memorial. Today the Memorial is open to the public and is a fitting tribute to those who gave their all to protect our freedom and way of life, and an oasis of comfort and respite for any veteran or visitor.

As the new VA Medical Center opens and veterans and their families visit the Memorial, they will see the name or names of the Fallen they knew or served with. They will stroll by the lake, breathe in the fresh air, and sit and view the names of the fallen on the granite walls. Their names are listed on our website (www.cfvmpf.org).

Since the opening of the Memorial in November 2013, we have gained a better understanding on the expenses required to keep the Memorial and the grounds in good shape, as it is exposed to the elements. To cover such costs, the Foundation included in its fundraising campaign an endowment to be invested and earnings applied annually for the upkeep of the Memorial. Presently the endowment has approximately $300,000 invested. However an additional $650,000 – $700,000 is needed in gifts and grants to reach the endowment goal. Given the present and future economy, the endowment’s earnings will vary from year to year. The Foundation’s Board of Directors estimates that nearly $50,000 in earnings will be needed annually in the next two years.

Sample Earnings Table 

Endowment Investment           Rate of Interest*             Annual Earnings 

$  500,000                                           5%                                        $25,000

$  750,000                                           5%                                         $37,500

$1,000,000                                          5%                                         $50,000

* This is the “ideal” rate. Current rates will range from 2%   to 7%. 

The Board of Directors of Central Florida Veterans Memorial Park Foundation has retained a firm to invest the funds and to use the earnings when needed for perpetual maintenance of the Memorial and the surrounding grounds.

The endowment campaign is currently seeking contributions to meet its goal. The following are suggested ways to leave a legacy, in your name or in honor or memory of a loved one, by making a tax-deductible contribution as follows:

  • An outright gift of Cash Stock
  • An outright Bequest in your will
  • A Charitable Trust that provides you income today while giving a gift in the future
  • A gift of Life Insurance

Note: Please review these options with your financial advisor to minimize your taxes when making a gift. If you don’t have an advisor, we encourage you to contact:   Mr. Joe Bert at the Certified Financial Group, www.FinancialGroup.com (407) 869-9800. His staff has conducted seminars for interested donors in the past and the firm is a major donor to the Memorial.

Thank you for your consideration. Your gift will serve as a lasting legacy for the future of the Memorial.

For more information contact:  De.Voorhees@cfvmpf.org

DeLloyd Voorhees, Jr.
Colonel, US Army, retired
President, Central Florida Veterans Memorial Park Foundation

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